Smart Trader – Options

Smarter way to create personal wealth

Program Objectives

  1. To Adopt Low Risk, Unlimited Profit Strategies.
  2. To Profit in Bull and Bear Markets.
  3. Expiry Strategy Play.
  4. Options Chain Master

Program Highlights

  1. Options Intro
  2. Options Chain Master
  3. Why Options
  4. Demystify Call Options
  5. Trade the Options
  6. Earn Even in Bear Market
  7. Options Premiums Play
  8. Options Charts Play
  9. Options Momentum (RSI) Special Strategy



(Saturday / Sunday : 19th / 20th / 26th / 27th ) 9:00AM to 11.00AM


(Saturday / Sunday : 19th / 20th / 26th / 27th ) 9:00AM to 11.00AM

About Coaches

Mr. Vinod Kumar

Principal Coach

Since 2008, Mr. Vinod have been training, coaching and advising to HNI clients on intra-day trading and personal portfolio management. He worked as a Subject Matter Expert in developing Mobile Options Platform for Option Monster, USA (which is part of ETrade now). Mr. Vinod have conducted various training programs on technical analysis/statistical analysis, preparatory course on Chartered Market Technician Certification course (CMT Association, USA) and courses on Fundamental Analysis. 

Mr.Naidu Darapaneni


Having lived and worked in USA for more than 8 years, with overall 20+ years of experience Mr.Naidu is a serial entrepreneur who have built sizeable businesses and exited through mergers and acquisitions. He brings in a pragmatic approach of investment philosophy Factoryal Business Incubator (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. which aids the learners to master the strategies and tactics which are proven, time-tested and highly lucrative.