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Programs Objectives To Adopt Low Risk, Unlimited Profit Strategies. To Profit in Bull and Bear Markets. Expiry Strategy Play. Options Chain Master ...
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Having lived and worked in USA for more than 8 years, with overall 20+ years of experience. Mr.Naidu is a serial entrepreneur who have built sizeable businesses and exited through mergers and acquisitions. He brings in a pragmatic approach of investment philosophy Factoryal Business Incubator (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. which aids the learners to master the […]

Mr. Vinod Kumar

Since 2008, Mr. Vinod have been training, coaching and advising to HNI clients on intra-daytrading and personal portfolio management. He worked as a Subject Matter Expert indeveloping Mobile Options Platform for Option Monster, USA (which is part of ETrade now).Mr. Vinod have conducted various training programs on technical analysis/statistical analysis, preparatory course on Chartered Market […]


A New Era of Do it Yourself Investing – Count Your Risks & Rewards

The accessibility to digital platforms has made investing in securities, funds, stocks, and bonds easy for everyone, specially the millennials. Becoming your own financial planner has its perks, but this new era of do it yourself investing demands some research and strategy. Before you start counting your eggs in different baskets, we highly recommend that […]

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The Reason why Everyone Loves DIY Investment Platforms

The allure to earn high returns from investment is often a temptation too hard to resist. We tell you to give in to the temptation, because the potential of great returns from investment is real. But, to make your best decisions, you need to enhance your knowledge about the DIY investment platforms. Don’t be overwhelmed […]

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